Why does pain bring joy?

When we are under stress or our nervous system is experiencing pain, the adrenal marrow is signaled to release adrenaline. At the same time, blood pressure, pulse and muscle activity rise and the entire body is put on alert. As soon as the adrenaline reaches the brain via the bloodstream, it produces a whole cocktail of messenger substances such as endorphin, serotonin, melatonin and dopamine. The key substance dopamine is produced in both pain and happiness. The messenger substances cause a kind of euphoria in the body - one feels a bit "high". In this way, people can feel happiness and pain at the same time. And this is not a special case: similar to endurance athletes. You are tormented over many kilometres in the marathon and experience a flow feeling, a true feeling of happiness due to the increased dopamine production. The same can be observed when preparing food: Many people also use chili to sharpen their food. This is often exaggerated, so that the result is often pain-distorted faces. Nevertheless, these people usually feel fresher and happier after eating.

Woman spanks man with a wooden paddle The buttocks are also a very special part of the body. Like the sexual organs, it represents an erogenous zone of the human being. In contrast to the other erogenous body zones, the nerves of the buttocks are hidden under a thick layer of fat. Stimulation by gently stroking the buttocks does not cause sexual arousal. It takes harder methods to trigger the excitement. During spanking, stimulation can penetrate deep down to the nerves and intensify the general state of arousal. In addition to the nerves in the buttocks, the sexual organs are also stimulated mechanically as a side effect - both directly through the impact effect, which spreads like shock waves even beyond the buttocks. But also the rhythmic movement of the spanking leads to a further mechanical stimulation of the reproductive organs (chest, penis, clitoris). Another effect that occurs when stimulating the buttocks is to stimulate the blood circulation in the pelvic area. This blood circulation-enhancing effect also has an effect on the area of the nearby sexual organs and increases the arousal state.

In addition to the purely physiological effects, psychological fantasies also increase excitement. For the spanked partner (whether male or female) the feeling of subjugation, humiliation, vulnerability and last but not least sexual objectification towards the active partner is often sexually arousing. On the other hand, the executing partner gets a feeling of power, control and superiority as well as the pleasure of being able to play with the attractive partner at will. For many women, devotion and duty is an important element of sexual desire. An excitingly staged role play can intensify this effect. Whether the strict teacher punishes his pupil for wrongdoing or whether the boss helps her lazy subordinates with concrete arguments to more work motivation. There are hundreds of possible scenes to realize the fantasy of both still more authentic. Role-plays can also be integrated during the preparation of the spanking adventure.

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