The first spanking adventure


The key to a fulfilling and secure spanking is a functioning communication between the partners. In addition, both partners should agree on basic rules for the spanking adventure. Especially for inexperienced partners, it is advisable not to rush into things and to slow things down. For the sake of security on both sides and also to avoid any misunderstandings that could create bad moods, a safeword (security word) should always be introduced The safeword should be a term that is rarely or never used in normal language. The chosen word should also be easy to remember. A big advantage of using a safeword is that it clearly defines the limits of role-playing. If in the game the safeword is called, the game is interrupted immediately. If, on the other hand, it is not mentioned, the game is still in the realm of fun for both partners, whereby begging and pleading of the partner - no matter how convincingly it is played - does not have to be taken into account and no misunderstandings arise as to whether the game is actually called for to be aborted or not. A "no, please, stop... stop." can be reinterpreted as a "yes, I want more." This practical rule therefore helps the active partner to assess how far he or she can go and gives him or her the certainty that he or she will not exceed the limits of what is lacking. The use of a safeword also shows that sense of responsibility and trust is the be-all and end-all of any spanking experience. In addition, common sense forbids the impetuosity and blindness of punching the panties, but always keeps a close eye on the body's reactions: Is my partner comfortable? Can he take more than he wants to? On the other hand, the active partner must be able to rely on the fact that when things become too intense for him or her, he or she will be able to articulate. The pegged person must have confidence that the anchor respects the set limits and practices a sensible, safe handling of the paddle. Both partners should therefore have a minimum of empathy and communication skills.

Once these basic rules of the game have been clarified, it can actually start. In order to fully embark on the spanking adventure, however, all possible sources of interference from outside should be taken into account beforehand. This also includes setting the phone to mute. As with sports activities, all jewellery (rings, watches, chains) should be discarded before spanking - the risk of injury is simply too high. Last but not least, gather all the spanking instruments you want to use: Whether the wooden ruler from the kitchen drawer or the professional BDSM wooden paddle. Of course, the flat hand can also be used (especially at the beginning). In the long run, however, this is not nearly as much fun as a frightening wooden paddle, cute plush handcuffs or blindfolds.

Which parts of the body are suitable for spanking?

Basically, all body parts where there is a lot of fat tissue or large muscles are suitable. The most popular part of the body, which combines both properties, is the buttocks: The buttocks muscle (Musculus gluteus maximus) is the strongest muscle of the human body, and there is also a pronounced layer of fat in the buttocks, which qualifies this place optimally for spanking. Therefore, when exercised properly, there is no physical damage and yet an intense feeling of pain can be inflicted. Occasionally, the back of the thighs can also be included with a lighter intensity. During spanking, the muscles should not be tense and should not be left loose. On the other hand, it is essential to avoid impacts on body parts where bones, joints, tendons or larger vessels are located directly beneath the skin surface. In the vicinity of the buttocks, therefore, the areas close to the kidneys, hip bones and the buttocks must be protected from blows, as otherwise serious physical damage may occur. A string thong can serve as a rule of thumb: All areas below the thighs and below the thighs are generally suitable.

Which parts of the body are suitable for spanking with a paddle

Particular care should be taken with heavy paddles, as the impact intensity can penetrate deep into the tissue. The area around the buttocks is not only popular because of its muscle and fat tissue. A further reason is that in this area a multitude of central nerve pathways run, which also lead to the male or female sexual organs. The stimulation of the buttocks is also accompanied by stimulation of the sexual organs. The two central motives for erotic spanking are on the one hand the role play between dominant and devotional partner and on the other hand the spanking feeling as such. For some people, spanking is only a playful representation of the role-playing game, while for others, the physical pain of spanking is in the foreground.

What is important when hitting?

Basically, it is advisable to gradually increase the intensity of the game, starting with gentle patting (with the flat hand) and ending with clearly noticeable blows with the paddle. The starting phase at the beginning is used for Warming and preparing the skin (Warm Up). The procedure of the spanking is done according to the guiding principle: Start slowly, build up, finish intensively. Before a new percussion instrument is tested on the partner, the active partner should first get an impression of the impact effect by means of test fittings, so that it can correctly assess the dosage during subsequent use. In the case of very intensive spanking with a wooden paddle it can happen that the gossiping noise is also heard by neighbours. In order to reduce the impact noise, the buttocks can be covered with fabric, which reduces the pain effect. Spanking with the hand produces a less loud sound when the palm of the hand hits the buttocks slightly open. A closed palm with a curved palm increases the impact volume. However, the main influence on the volume is the impact strength: To achieve the same intensity of pain at reduced impact speed, the frequency with which the impacts occur can be increased. How and where to start the spanking adventure is up to the imagination of each individual: The couch serves its purpose, as does the bed or kitchen table. At the beginning of the spanking, both partners should take a comfortable sitting or lying position. For beginners, the over-knee-position is particularly suitable. This can be taken on a bed or couch, so that the head of the shell is supported a little bit. In general, cushions are a good way to increase the comfort level of the tank to a minimum. The devote partner can alternatively lean over a chair. Remember to change positions from time to time. Different places enliven the imagination and prevent monotony. For beginners, a slow, gentle, playful start is suitable to get used to the pats. Before using a paddle, the flat hand can be used as a dry run. Through the warm-up phase, both partners can slowly get used to the atmosphere and - as with exercise - the muscles can warm up. A relaxed atmosphere relaxes the body. Relaxed gluteal muscles also promote pleasure in the spanking experience. If your buttocks are pink, it's time to put on bigger instruments. The wooden paddle transforms the delicate pink more or less quickly into a dark red, depending on frequency and impact hardness. In addition to the simple hitting, a one-handed squeezing, pulling or pinching action helps to intensify the adventure, especially when the buttocks are already in an advanced state of repair. The beat rhythm should not be based on a boring waltz. Creativity is also called for here: whether it's punches with announcement or without; whether it's quick sequences or short breaks in between; in all cases, watch your partner. What does he like, what doesn't? What's his reaction? Does he get involved and is he relaxed or rather cramped?

After the spanking experience

When the exciting game comes to an end, it's time to slow down. As with warming up, you shouldn't just throw away the familiar atmosphere and go into everyday life. Discuss how you found it? What did the partner like? What could be done better? There is no need for detailed analysis, sometimes a kiss and a little hugging is enough. The amount of time it takes to come down depends on the couple and their experience. But especially as a beginner you can discuss in detail how you found it. In future spanking adventures, this helps to better consider each other's preferences and assess body reactions more reliably. It also promotes mutual trust, which - as already mentioned - is a central element in spanking.

How do I bring impetus to my relationship

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